• To ensure a steady flow of skilled workers in different trades for the industry and increase the quality of life and quantity of industrial production by implementing systematic training of workers.
  • To reduce the unemployment among the educated youth by equipping them for suitable industrial employment.
  • To eradicate the scarcity of skilled workforce in the country.
  • To introduce new courses on emerging area of technicality & job specifications.
  • Update the skill of faculty and supporting staff by deputing them various DGE&T field institute.


  • To make our state and the nation self- sufficient in generating skilled personnel.
  • The vision of the ITI is to create an inductive learning environment for the trainees and provide opportunities for them to realize their complete potential. Emphasis is laid on development of individual aptitudes for learning and ability to adapt to changing job scenario for practical working.
  • The objective is to provide a compact curriculum designed to develop a trainee so that they can emerges as technically skilled citizen who can adjust themselves in the modern industry as well as be a skilled and successful entrepreneur.
  • To make the students self-confident as well as self-dependent so that they become highly efficient in competitive sphere.