Welcome to Our Ex-Students’ Association, Government ITI Patharpratima Running Under PTP

Present and former students of all schools, colleges or universities always take pride in their alumni associations if they have one of their own especially when that is regular rather than occasional in their activities.

We’ve so far met biennially the present students barring a few exceptions. For anITI institute, to have a regularly functional Ex-Students Association is indeed a rare and remarkable feat of achievement. Despite difficulties, we intend to carry forward this legacy.

This legacy had its genesis in 2017-2018 when the current and the former students of our beloved Institute felt the need of assembling together at a suitable place. Such thinking made the auspicious beginning of Ex-Students Association possible at the Seminar Hall of our college in 2018 in which local people participated with great zeal.

The activities of our association are mainly concerned with the development and smooth running of our Institute, and co-ordination and co-operation among the present and the former students as well.Joining Government ITI Patharpratima Alumni Association is one of the easiest ways to reconnect, give back to the Institute, and serve as a springboard for further involvement. To join our Alumni network and to get our Alumni Service, click the following and submit your details.



  • To re-unite in the nest from where we grew and flew off.
  • To build a bridge between college life and career life, so as introduce present students to the professional world and to make them proactive to face the challenges that may emerge in their career path.
  • To provide job opportunities to fresh bachelors through references of professionals.
  • To conduct orientation and training programs for students on various topics to enhance their skills.
  • To create awareness among students about the scope of their subject in the professional world.
  • To provide a platform for students to develop their qualities.
  • To participate in social welfare activities for social accountability.


  • Conducting periodic meetings of the committee to chalk out a plan of action.
  • Conducting training sessions on industry practices and professional approaches by industry professionals.
  • Conducting personality development pieces of training, interview answering skills, and confidence-building programs.
  • Interacting with unemployed ex-students to find the probability of employment with reference to professionals.
  • Conducting social welfare activities such as blood donation, health awareness programs, tree plantation, cleanliness drive, etc.
  • Re-unions of ex- students.
  • Felicitation of achievers.

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